How to use Gemma 2 in Msty

The new state-of-the-art open model from Google is here. Developed with the same data and technology as the Gemini models, we have found the Gemma models very useful with everyday tasks.

In this post, we'll demonstrate how to use the new models in Msty.

Downloading Gemma 2 9B and 27B

Note: You may need to consider storage and memory requirements while downloading the models.

New users

If you haven't downloaded Msty already, click here to get started.

Once you have Msty installed, you'll need to go to Local AI from the sidebar to download the models.

Go to Local AI from the navbar to download the models
Install Gemma 2 from the Featured Models page

Existing users

For our existing users only, you'll first need to update the Local AI service to get the new models.

Update Service from the Local AI settings

Note: An update of Msty is required for our Windows users which will automatically trigger when you open Msty.

Once the update finishes, you'll be able to download the models from the Local AI's Featured Models section.

Using Gemma 2 9B and 27B

You can now use the models for chatting. To do that, first, create a new chat from the sidebar.

Create a new chat in Msty

Once you have a new chat open, choose Gemma 2 9B or 27B from the model selector.

Choose Gemma 2 model for chatting

If you downloaded both 9B and 27B variants, you can add a new split chat to chat with both models simultaneously. Or, you chat with another model you've added.

Add a split chat to chat with a different model

That's it! You can now chat with the two model variants simultaneously.

Chat with Gemma 2 9B and 27B side-by-side

If you encounter any issues while using the models, feel free to reach out on our discord server.

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