Multiverse AI Conversations with Split Chats

Split Chats feature allows you to have multiple conversations with different AI models in the same chat window. As far as we know, Msty is the only app with this unique and powerful feature.

In this post, we will show you how to use split chats in Msty to have multiple conversations with different AI models and talk about some of the options you have when using Split Chats. We'll cover chat message regeneration, editing, branching, chat cloning, and more in a future post.

Using Split Chats

When you open Msty for the first time, it opens a chat window with a single chat. The selected model defaults to the one that you have last used or is preceded by the local model you have just downloaded. We deliberately made it simple to start chatting with Msty by using a single split.

To add a new split chat, click on the Add Split Chat button in the top-right corner of the chat window. Or, if you like keyboard shortcuts, you can use the Ctrl + T on Windows or Cmd + T on Mac to add a new split chat. Think of it as opening a new tab in your browser. This will open a new chat on the right side.

The best way to compare different AI models. Mix and match local and online models.

Also, each split chat is independent of the others, and you can have different models in each split chat. In fact, this is probably the most common use case for split chats - to have multiple conversations with different AI models.

Not just different models, you can also have one of the many offline local models, such as Llama3, in one split chat and an online model, such as ChatGPT, in another split chat.

Another use case would be to have the same model in multiple split chats but with different settings, such as temperature, max tokens, and more.

Syncing inputs across split chats

When you type a message in one split chat, it will automatically sync to all other split chats. This is useful when you want to ask the same question to multiple AI models or when you want to compare the responses of different models to the same question. For when you want to not sync the inputs, you can disable the sync by clicking on the Sync checkbox next to Send/Microphone button that appears when you have more than one split chat.

Auto sync works for most of the chat inputs, including manual typing, voice input, quick prompt selection, and more.

Sync inputs across split chats or not, the choice is yours.

Sending messages to models

When you send a message in a split chat, it will be sent to the model selected in that split chat. Local and online models work in parallel; so you can expect their responses coming simultaneously. Splits that are using local models will have to wait for a different split to finish before they can start getting responses.

Hiding and Deleting split chats

You can hide a split chat by clicking on the vertical 3 dots kebab menu and then clicking on Hide button in the top-right corner of the split chat. While hidden, a split chat doesn't receive any messages or send any messages to the model. Hidden split chats are not deleted and can be unhidden by selecting Unhide option. There is also a handy keyboard shortcut to hide a split chat - Ctrl + W on Windows or Cmd + W on Mac.

Hide, Unhide, or Delete a split to keep your chat window uncluttered.

To delete a split chat, click on the vertical 3 dots kebab menu and then click on Delete Split... button. This will delete the split chat and all its messages. There is no way to recover a deleted split chat, so be careful but it will confirm the deletion before actually deleting the split chat. If you want to skip the confirmation dialog, you can use hold the Shift key while clicking on the Delete Split... button. Again, be careful with this as there is no way to recover a deleted split chat.

(Note: If you don't see Delete Split... option in the kebab menu, it means you are probably trying to delete a fresh empty split chat. Instead of deleting, you can simply hide it by clicking on the "Hide" button, and it will just go away)

Split presets

When creating a new split chat, Msty remembers the last split layout you used and uses that as the default layout for the new conversation. It remembers the models, split sizes, and the sync state. If you want to start fresh, you can click on the New Single Split Chat button under New Chat menu in the top-left corner of the app. Or, as a quick way, click on app's box icon.

Save a split layout as a preset to use it later.

If you want to save a split layout as a preset, you can do so by clicking on the Save Splits As... option under the Add Split Chat button. This will ask you to enter a name and then save the current split layout as a preset. You can then load this preset by clicking on its name under New Chat menu in the top-left corner of the app.

Load a saved split layout preset to quickly start a new conversation.

Split chat thumbnails

When you have multiple split chats, it can be hard to keep track of which split chat is hidden and which ones are not. To make it easier, Msty shows small thumbnails of the split chats in the top-right corner of the chat window. The thumbnail is interactive, and you can click on it to hide or unhide a split. A filled thumbnail means the split chat is visible, and an empty thumbnail means the split chat is hidden.

Split chat thumbnails make it easy to see which split chats are hidden and to toggle their visibility.

If you want to unhide all hidden split chats, you can click on the Show Hidden Splits option under Add Split Chat button.

Use a prompt in a new split chat

Sometimes you want to start a new conversation with a different model but with a specific user prompt you used in the previous split chat. You can do this by copying the first prompt from the previous split chat, creating a new split, and pasting it in the new split. If you do this often, you might find it useful to use the Use as Prompt in a New Split option that is available when you hover on any user message. As the name suggests, this will create a new split chat with the selected user message as the prompt. You change the model and other settings as needed and hit send to start the conversation.

One of many QoL improvements in Msty - use a user message as a prompt in a new split chat


Split Chat is one of the most useful features that even we find using ourselves a lot. We have written many posts comparing different models and the split chats feature has been an absolute godsend for us writing those posts.

Sometimes when we don't know what model to use for a particular task, we ask the same question to multiple models and see which one gives the best response. This way, we know in the future which model to use for similar tasks.

The ability to have responses from multiple models side-by-side and picking the best one is a game-changer. Not just picking the best one, but also understanding the differences in the responses and learning from them is a great way to learn about the models and their capabilities.

We have heard from many users that they love the split chats feature and use it daily to compare different models, ask the same question to multiple models, and more.

Split Chats combined with many other chat message features such as regeneration, editing, branching, chat cloning, and more, Msty is the most powerful and versatile chat app for your everyday chat with AI models needs.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. We are always looking for feedback to improve the app and make it better for you.

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