How to update Msty's Text Module Service

Msty installs and runs a service as part of its Text Module to serve Local AI models. We periodically release new updates to the module - sometimes more frequently than we release app updates. This requires users to manually update the service as updating the service will stop and restart the service during the process.

Assuming that you have Msty opened and are connected to the internet, please follow the steps below to update Msty Local AI's Text Module service.

  • 1. Navigate to Local AI Modules
Location of Local AI Modules in Msty's sidebar navigation
  • 2. Click on the Text Modules page
Text Module page on the sidebar
  • 3. Click on the actions menu button on the top right of the page
Text Module's action menu button
  • 4. Click on Update Service
Text Module's Update Service action menu item
  • 5. Allow service to update
Text Module update screen

Once the module updates successfully, you should see the models on the Text Module page again.

Text Module page showing models

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